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It’s gonna be one name in particular that’ll draw huge attention when the program of re:publica’09 will be announced these days.

For years, Stanford Law School professor, founder of Creative Commons and author Lawrence Lessig argues for a change in copyright laws and for common sense in dealing with current media shifts. With his entertaining and impressive talks, Lessig is considered one of the leading visionaries of our time, who regards current copyright laws as a thread to technical and social innovation and discourse.

At re:publica’09, Lessig will illustrate his ideas and discuss them with the audience.

Numerous speakers have confirmed their participation in re:publica’09 so far, amongst them are: Cory Doctorow (boingboing.net), Mary C. Joyce (DigiActive.org, Obama for America), Anthony Volodkin (HypeMachine), moot (4chan.org), Esra’a Al Shafei (MideastYouth.com), Jan Schmidt (Hans-Bredow-Institut), Peter Schaar (Commissioner of data security) and Lisa Rosa (Department for teacher education and development of schools).

In 2009, the conference that’s being held for the third time this year will additionally take place at the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin, where talks and panels will happen on Europe’s biggest theatrical stage.

re:publica is organised by the Berlin based companies newthinking communications and Spreeblick.

General info: http://www.re-publica.de/09/2009/01/21/info-english-version/
Tickets: http://www.re-publica.de/09/tickets/
Contact: info [at] re-publica [dot] de

Pictures of Lawrence Lessig: http://www.lessig.org/info/photos/

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    Ich lese gerne Wired - & interessiere mich sehr für die Creative Commons. Much success for the lecture in Berlin - und Grüße aus Wales, wenn ich schon nicht live dabei bin.

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